Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new year

ok, I know January is already over. I can't believe we are already in February.
I took a little break from making dolls after the holiday season. I spend most of my time staying warm with the dogs and the woodstove. I was nice after putting in 12 hour day everyday at the What Not Shop, to be able to spend some time at home. Although the winter has been pretty mild this year. Not too many days of 40 below 0. It looks like we are going to have a bit of a coldsnap this week.
I spend some time trying to get my studio some what organized AGAIN but haven't made any dolls lately.
I received an email from someone that owns an artgallery in Bothell WA. She had purchased one of my dolls via Etsy and was interested in representing my dolls in her gallery. How exciting. That really got me motivaded. Tomorrow I am sending her 4 dolls, we'll see what happens. I had a difficult time deciding which dolls to send. But I have made my choices and i am sending Molimo the bear, Autumn the hippygirl and Kijani the greenman. Oh and i am sending her Yoki the raven, she bought on etsy.
In the meantime I have been sending out an email to different art galleries in Alaska. I already have received 2 responses. An art gallery in Petersburgh and an art gallery in Homer. I better get busy. they both want 3-5 dolls each by the end of February. I am so excited. I hope this will go well. Wish me luck! =P


When people move to Alaska, they must feel the need to wear as much fur as they possibly can.