Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote. We have been having al kinds of computer problems. I sure do miss the super fast connection I had at my shop. Now we do have wireless but sometimes it is as slow as dial up. I have been very making dolls. I had my first show a few weeks ago. Wasn't sure what to expect. But was not prepared for how great it was. Within a few hours I sold most of the dolls. I couldn't believe it. Shows like that sure boost your ego. It was wonderful to see how many people liked my dolls. This show was a 2 day event and after the first day I went home and scraped everythingIi had together to take the next day so that my table looked full. The second day was also an succes. But we also brought home a terrible bug. Bruce and I were sick for about 2 weeks. I haven't been this sick in a long time. It was awefull .I spend those two weeks also getting ready for my second show.The show was in Pioneer Park. This show was not that great. All the vendors at the show were complaining. It was very well attented but the seemed that most people were just looking. Oh well. I have one more show coming up next weekend. Who knows what happens.
If I have time this week I would like to stop at some of the local shops in town to see if they are interested.
The holiday bazaar season is almost over. Next year I will be more organized and make sure I sign up for all the good shows on time. In the meantime I am going to get my website updated and I also need to update my Etsy website. I hope you like the pictures of some of the new dolls.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How time flies.

I can't believe that a month has gone bye since I first started this blog. It's hard for me, writing doesn't come easy to me. But here we are. A lot has happened since my last post. My little store is now officially closed. Still have mixed feelings about it. I am going to miss it but I am loving spending time at home with our pets.
Our dogs are a lot more relaxed with me being home. It must have been hard on them.
Haven't been feeling very creative the last coupe days. Mostly because the shop is still such a mess and we are working on getting everything set up at the house before we move everything. It will be a while before I'll have everything ready and organized. Well ready maybe but definitly not organized. That is a concept that gives me great difficulties. I want to be organized but somehow that doesn't go hand in hand with me being able to create things. My studio is always a total disaster but I seem to be able to find what ever I need in that mess.( except my sewing needles, always looking for them.)

I was able to make a few dolls this last month. The most challenging was a doll I named "Stargirl".
I have tried before to make a doll look like someone I know. My first one was a Aliy Zirkle doll.
If you are not familiar with the sport of dogmushing,  Aliy Zirkle is a famous musher that lives in our community.

I found this picture on her website
I think the doll came out good. But character dolls like this are very time consuming. One day Aliy came in my shop and I showed her the doll. It was almost finished. I'm not quite sure if she liked it or not. I must admit it was a little creepy seeing her holding the doll. I donated the doll to the Two Rivers Dogmushing Association. However I couldn't stop myself from making another character doll. This time again a dogmusher. My friend Abbie West.I had a lot of fun making this one.In the past I have sewn some items for Abbie and I've kept the leftover scraps of fabric. Not for any particular reason but for the simple fact that I can not throw away little pieces of fabric. You never know when you can use them. And see I was right.
I was able to create an Abbie doll with it.
 Abbie is one of the tougest women I know and I admire her dedication to her dogs. Living up here in Alaska isn't always easy. Many women that come up here quickly sacrafice style for comfort. It becomes more important to stay warm and be comfortable then it is to look good. But somehow Abbie can do both! She will run a race while it's 30 below,stay warm and look great doing it. Good luck running the Yukon Quest next year Abbie. I know you'll do great!!!                             

Here are the pictures of the Abbie doll  "Stargirl"
or the Abbie Quest doll !

Check out Abbie's website   http//www.cosmicanines.blogspot.com

That's it for now. I'll try to update this blog on a more regular basis. But it is getting late and we have a lot to do tommorrow. sweet dreams

Monday, August 24, 2009

Change is good!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Two years ago my husband and I opened a little shop here in Two Rivers Alaska. It is called the What Not Shop. We sell espresso,rent dvd's,sell health & beauty& laundry supplies and we sell locally made arts and crafts. But for the most part it became a great little hang out where you can get a great cup of coffee. The shop was also been a great outlet for my creative side.
I have been making dolls since 2003. I make mostly Alaskan themed dolls. I get all my inspiration just from watching the people around me. Alaska is full of interesting people.
This week we have decided to close our little shop so I can really focus on my dolls. We are in the process to set up a studio at our house, so I can work from home. I have really enjoyed our shop but after 2 years of working 12 hour days,6 days a week I am looking forward to be able to spend more time at home with my husband and our pets. It has been pretty hard for our dogs not having me home. Our last day at the shop will be September 20th 2009.
I started this blog to talk mostly about my dolls and the process of trying to make a living as a doll artist. Wish me luck


When people move to Alaska, they must feel the need to wear as much fur as they possibly can.