Sunday, September 27, 2009

How time flies.

I can't believe that a month has gone bye since I first started this blog. It's hard for me, writing doesn't come easy to me. But here we are. A lot has happened since my last post. My little store is now officially closed. Still have mixed feelings about it. I am going to miss it but I am loving spending time at home with our pets.
Our dogs are a lot more relaxed with me being home. It must have been hard on them.
Haven't been feeling very creative the last coupe days. Mostly because the shop is still such a mess and we are working on getting everything set up at the house before we move everything. It will be a while before I'll have everything ready and organized. Well ready maybe but definitly not organized. That is a concept that gives me great difficulties. I want to be organized but somehow that doesn't go hand in hand with me being able to create things. My studio is always a total disaster but I seem to be able to find what ever I need in that mess.( except my sewing needles, always looking for them.)

I was able to make a few dolls this last month. The most challenging was a doll I named "Stargirl".
I have tried before to make a doll look like someone I know. My first one was a Aliy Zirkle doll.
If you are not familiar with the sport of dogmushing,  Aliy Zirkle is a famous musher that lives in our community.

I found this picture on her website
I think the doll came out good. But character dolls like this are very time consuming. One day Aliy came in my shop and I showed her the doll. It was almost finished. I'm not quite sure if she liked it or not. I must admit it was a little creepy seeing her holding the doll. I donated the doll to the Two Rivers Dogmushing Association. However I couldn't stop myself from making another character doll. This time again a dogmusher. My friend Abbie West.I had a lot of fun making this one.In the past I have sewn some items for Abbie and I've kept the leftover scraps of fabric. Not for any particular reason but for the simple fact that I can not throw away little pieces of fabric. You never know when you can use them. And see I was right.
I was able to create an Abbie doll with it.
 Abbie is one of the tougest women I know and I admire her dedication to her dogs. Living up here in Alaska isn't always easy. Many women that come up here quickly sacrafice style for comfort. It becomes more important to stay warm and be comfortable then it is to look good. But somehow Abbie can do both! She will run a race while it's 30 below,stay warm and look great doing it. Good luck running the Yukon Quest next year Abbie. I know you'll do great!!!                             

Here are the pictures of the Abbie doll  "Stargirl"
or the Abbie Quest doll !

Check out Abbie's website   http//

That's it for now. I'll try to update this blog on a more regular basis. But it is getting late and we have a lot to do tommorrow. sweet dreams

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