Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coincidence?......I don't think so

As most of you know, my biggest passion in life is animals. I have worked most of my life in animal shelters. I have a great appreciation for anyone that tries to make a difference in the lives of animals. One of these people is Miriam Cooper, an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to sled dogs and also happens to be an great artist and writer. It is always a pleasure to read her blog.
 Take a moment to visit her website: 
To show her my appreciation for what she does, I told her I wanted to donate a doll that she can use for a fundraiser. It took a long time but one day it came to me. I made a doll named Lupricus, the wolf god of winter.
 When I gave him to Miriam I told her that she didn't have to use him for a fundraiser, I felt he was made to be with her to watch over her and the dogs.
When I create a doll I will have a plan but too often that is not what comes out. I have stopped trying to understand how or why this happens.......Lupricus is one of those dolls but I think it's best to let Miriam explain why in her blog, check it out:
I promise it is worth the read but make sure to have some tissues close by.

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