Thursday, January 12, 2012

The messenger

A few months ago I decided to make a raven fairy godmother and although I liked the way she came out, I was never crazy about her. A lot of people liked her but she never found a new home. I have learned over the years to go with my inner feeling and decided to make her into a different doll. It came to me when I was at one of the craft shows here in Fairbanks. A woman came up to me and while she looked at my dolls displayed on the table whispered: " you are a very brave person......don't you know that ravens are the messengers from the other side" Tha's when I knew I was going to change fairy godmother into "the Messenger"
I have always been fascinated by these incredible birds but never knew how special they are until one day a few years ago. I had just moved to a new area.  Beautiful Two Rivers, Alaska. I was living on 80 acres. Behind our property nothing but thousands of acres of state land with miles and miles of trails. One beautiful day I took the dogs for a nice long walk in the woods. Some how during this walk I realized that I was no longer on the trail and I had no idea where I was. Everything looked the same. It was getting dark and I was really getting worried. Then I heard a raven calling high up in a tree.
I still don't know why, but I decided to follow this raven but I did and to my surprise after about an half hour walk I ended back on trail and was able to make my way home. Maybe someone on the other side was worried about me and used the raven to make sure I would get home safe.
The messenger comes from far you bring us messages from the other side, all we have to do is open our heart and listen.

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  1. I LOVE that story, and I love The Messenger. Ravens are one of my favorite birds too. I love to hear them call to each other and cackle and trill. I stood under a tree making raven noises - and getting responses - for almost a half hour one day earlier this winter. I wondered if he understood or was thinking "this human is crazy".



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